Saturday, February 7, 2009

POWER! :Tales from Writing for Media

This past class we talked about the finer point of our persons. By this, i mean what is called Maslow's Hierarchy, which says that there is a recipe for human behavior. Basically, we think about existing (staying alive), then security (finding a shelter and continuous source of food and water), Love, esteem (the acceptance of others), and then at that point we are ready to think about others. This seems to be the most primal of human instinct, but also in the same sense is very true. You wouldn't give others your home if you had nowhere to stay. thinking about this make us all seem so much more well, i want to use the word selfish, but i can't because its not. I think that everyone looks out for themselves first, excluding most parents for their children and some lovers, and then maybe they will be inclined to help. This is a conflicting feeling right now.i mist think on this more......

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