Saturday, December 22, 2007

Playing with Photoshop : Winnie Chester

Hey everyone,

yay, I know how I said that i was ganna do a character a day ond have it here.... well thats probably not ganna happen. Theer is just way to much happening for me to do that, but i will continue to post and have new pix every once and a while.

here's my latest one "Winnie Chester" and she is holding a "whin chester rifle" Yes, i do love bad puns.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing with Photoshop : Intense Texas!!

So yay this is another installment of "Playing with Photoshop" and I was just trying to integrate more characters that i make up and cool backgrounds.

And yes! This expresses my intense feeling for Texas and UT all together. But I do have to say that I wouldn't have any of those feeling if it weren't for the love of my life Monica, who is double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Spanish at the University of Texas. This is just alittle something that i wanted to make for her, cuz she has been soo stressed out with her finals and i know this would make her smile (yay yay, I know CORNY!!!) but I don't care. Hope this makes you smile babe. Love ya.

I also would like to thank the background website from whom I got the ultra intense background.

Playing with Photoshop

Yay, so this is another late night just messing around with photoshop. And yes, I do realize that it looks like really bad photoshop this is me just learning. So hopefully, i will get the hang of this. I never used to like coloring my characters before, but I really like working with photoshop and Illustartor. but yay, i don't have a name for this character. But, i really like the giant battery on his back.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is just a mix of all my animations set to some of my favorite music (AfroCelt) and my final animation which of course is MJ himself. The animations are in order from earliest to my final piece for the semester. No this does not mean I won't be posting anything for a while, just nothing animation related. Im try to do a character a day thing or a week. Something. but yay... I have a month and half break for Christmas. And I am actually working on a colaboration with some of my classmates too, but thats hush hush right now.

Thanks for watching my blog and Ill keep everyone posted..

Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing with Photoshop

Yay, this is just me really bored and practicing with photoshop. Nothing special, just messing with shading and the gradient tool. This is just one of those characters that I have had for awhile. I really like to show the before and after process. I think it really allows you to realize what a drawings potential is.

Final Self Portrait 07

This is what I have been working on for the past month and a half. This project to a month and half with at least 10 hours each night. The project requirements was to make and animation that was at least 10 seconds long and a maximum of 35 seconds and the animation had to be fully rendered. This was my final project for my first semester at KCAI in the Animation Dept.

I am so happy with it! I came out exactly how i planned it to be, except it had an extra 10 sec, but it ran too long. So I had to cut the animation for the requirements. it sucked. Broke my heart. But i mite do a uncut version later on down the line.

Self Portrait Pencil tests

These are the first steps to my self portrait. This is basically all the moves without character. It moves great and the moves are Great, as you can tell MJ is the driving force behind the moves of this piece. I just wanted to show all the process to what it takes to make an animation.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Light Bright and the Seven Supers Animatic

Hey Everyone,

Here is my new animatic for my Designing the Frame Class. An animatic by the way is rough layout for an aniamtion using still images. I created the animatic using After Effects. It took alittle while, and Im not sure it helps tell the story of "Snow Drop", but if anything it tells another really cool story. These are from the frames that were posted on my last post. With alittle thank to a DDR MIX. Which I clipped on Garage band. As you can probably tell, Im no DJ, but I think it helps.