Wednesday, January 28, 2009

POWER! :Tales from Writing for Media

I when to my first Writing for Media class this past Tuesday dreading a 3 hour writing class that started at 8 in the morning, but was quickly blown away by pure "POWER". I now have a new faith in my school and feel better than ever about this semester than I have before. I know that this will be an enlightening experience that will walk away from with more than just a couple of sloppily written stories. All thanks to my acquiring of "POWER".

Thank you "POWER"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Break : Mock-up Mania

Soo... While I have been on break I have tried really hard to keep busy and not waste my winter break as I did my summer break. So between time with my family and time with my g/f, i was inspired by a fellow classmate to do a mock-up of one of my characters. I just finished up a ceramics class this semester so I was still in the mood to work with my hands. Soo... I decided to do a mock-up of one of my new characters a borg (name still unknown). this is the progress i have made and what I have soo far, and hopefully by the end of the break she will be finished.

sorry, my mug is in there so much. i know it ruins the magic.....