Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Animation!

These will be the last of the animations for October. And so another month passes....(big sigh) Well, I am learning more about Maya and improving my hand drawn, which is still my main focus. This time around in Maya we tackled walk cycles.

Regular Walk

Creeper Walk
This was part of the other Assignment in Maya, this time we had to do a character walk cycle. Something with a little more personality. chose a creeper kinda walk.... need i say more?

Dramatic Camera / Camera as a Character

Our assignment was to make the camera into a character and use some sort of dynamic movement. This was a alittle tricky for me. Ive never really tried to used extreme camera angles, but I'm really glad we did this because it really helped me feel better about the space my characters exist in and my ability to move the camera around. So altogether helpful. I plan to inbetween this so, watch for a more finalized version of this. Right now its just an animatic

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lara said...

Oh josh my boy, that certainly is a creeper walk lol. Its cool to see maya stuff up.

p.s. lets be blogger friends yay!