Monday, November 12, 2007


So here are the rest of the animations that I have been working on since the year started.


The anticipation animation is pretty self explainitory. We have our "object" enter then hold on our "object" for a few sec (3 i think) and then have it do an exit action. Simple... sorta


The Metamorphosis project was take and object and morph it into a totally different object using either natural or super natural means. This one was really fun and I think is my longest animation so far..... no really saying much i know but this stuff takes time to shell out.


Simple (or so it seems). Animate a rock, a leaf and a piece of paper. All three have really different rates of falling so that makes them alittle harder to animate. Mainly because its something tat we see all the time so if it doesn't look right its really really obvious.

Walk Cycle

Basics of animations. You gatta do it at one point or another. So yay. This is just studing the walk cycle and how the physics of the whole body works. Looks simple but its totally complicated ( not ridiculously, but close)


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